Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. News/Blogs Feed Jul 2019firmwise Practice Compliance Conference Oct 2019Events<p>Hilton Nashville Downtown<br /> 121 Fourth Avenue South<br /> Nashville, TN 37201<br /> <br /> October 27 - 29, 2019<br /> <br /> To see the full event schedule and register please click <a href="">here.</a></p> New Jersey Construction Lien Law Basics & Update: 2019 Aug 2019Events<u><strong>Event Details:</strong></u><br /> <br /> August 15, 2019<br /> Time:12:00 PM - 1:40 PM ET<br /> <br /> The New Jersey Construction Lien Law provides that &ldquo;Any contractor, subcontractor or supplier who provides work, services, material or equipment pursuant to a contract, shall be entitled to a lien for the value of the work or services performed, or materials or equipment furnished in accordance with the contract&hellip;&rdquo; However, to take advantage of the right to file a construction lien, a lien claimant must carefully follow the statutory procedures.<br /> <br /> At this conveniently scheduled luncheon webinar, our panel of extremely respected construction lawyers will review the process for filing construction lien and then discuss the most up to date recent developments that affect you and your clients. The program will offer background on situations where a construction lien is appropriate, the accepted practice for filing a lien, and then address recent developments in this area of law.<br /> <br /> For more information or to register please <a href=";productId=43111881">click here</a>. <br /> <br /> Annual Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop Aug 2019Events<u><strong>Event Details:</strong></u><br /> August 3, 2019<br /> 9:15am-10:30am<br /> The Hotel Hershey- Hershey, PA<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Ethics Session:</strong></u> <br /> <strong>Jill Bienstock, Moderator</strong><br /> Cole Schotz P.C.; Hackensack, N.J.<br /> <br /> <strong>Arielle Adler</strong><br /> Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Roseland, N.J.<br /> <br /> <strong>Christopher Giaimo</strong><br /> Squire Patton Boggs; Washington, D.C.<br /> <br /> <br /> For more information or to register please <a href="">click here.</a><br /> <br /> Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators National Conference Aug 2019EventsDOUBLETREE BY HILTON DENVER- Stapleton North<br /> 4040 Quebec Street<br /> Denver, CO 80216<br /> <br /> <br /> To see the full event schedule and register please click <a href="">here</a>. The New Era of Shopping Center Leasing: New Legal Considerations for Innovative and New Uses Jul 2019Events<p><strong>Details:</strong><br /> New Jersey Law Center<br /> 1 Constitution Sq. New Brunswick, NJ 08901<br /> 3:00 PM - 6:35 PM ET<br /> <br /> With E-Commerce on the rise and brick and mortar stores closing, the role of the commercial real estate attorney reviewing retail leases has changed. In the current climate, it is important to appreciate the evolving use of the shopping center - and with that, is the need to know how to draft the retail lease to protect the landlord and the tenant in different situations.<br /> <br /> This seminar will provide you with an understanding of today&rsquo;s shopping center market, and will guide you through the most effective ways to use the components of the shopping center lease to protect the best interests of the owner, developer, or tenant client. <br /> <br /> For more information to to register please <a href="">click here</a>.</p>'s Recent Developments in NJ Law Conference Jul 2019Events<u><strong>Panel Topic</strong></u><br /> Bankruptcy: The intersection of bankruptcy with other areas of law <br /> <br /> <u><strong>Meeting Details</strong></u><br /> New Jersey Law Center<br /> 1 Constitution Sq. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Connect 2019 Jul 2019EventsChicago, IL<br /> July 19-21, 2019<br /> 11:00am-12:30pm<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Negotiating Payer Contracts With Insurance Companies</strong></u><br /> There is much confusion over how payer contracts work. It is not true that a payer contract is always required, nor is it true that payer contracts are never negotiable. This session will discuss assessing your practice's needs to help decide whether to enter into certain payer contracts and which provisions should be negotiated.<br /> <br /> Please click here to <a href="">register</a>. to flee high-tax states like New York? Turns out it's not so easy Jul 2019News Tax Stop: Private, For-Profit Property May Be Tax-Exempt Jul 2019Publications USPTO rule requires U.S.- licensed attorneys Jul 2019Publications